New Way of Career Search

New Way of Goal Search


My Goals Strategy follows this famous saying:

“Success is not the key to happiness,

Happiness is the key to success.

If you love what you are doing,

you will be successful”

Thank you Albert Schweitzer


If you follow that saying the money will come. If you chase the money first, success and happiness may not follow.


What Do You Want?

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Do you wake up each morning

   anxious to go to your JOB?

                                      WHY NOT?


Are you like most people that hate their job? Watching the clock all day, counting off the minutes, waiting for the time to go home?

Maybe you watch the clock because you don’t want to go home!

Is the house empty and your lonely?

Maybe there is non-stop nagging!

Do you wonder if the car will start and get you home! How many times have you called in sick because the car would not start?

There may be any of a thousand things that would make life easier and happier.

So Change Them!


Maybe you don’t know how!

The handbook on Finding a Career will give you the career start.  Get the Free Career Handbook Here!


If your goals are not a career, the videos are the next step.

If you need my personal help, we will hold small group classes to get through any stumbling blocks.[/wr_column]]